A company profile

We are specialist in multimedia, internet technology and new media. Developing applications for smart phones a smart televisions. We are able to display multimedia on any screen. Operate our own CDN network.


  • 3. 11. 2018 | (Česky) Publicstream pro rok 2019 – upgrade
  • 4. 1. 2017 | (Česky) PUBLICSTREAM® – náš hlavní produkt
  • 18. 3. 2015 | New address
  • 1. 3. 2015 | new produkt for hoteliers! – mystay.cz
  • 23. 8. 2013 | Óčko EXPRES stream in a HD (720p) resolution

Our Customers

TV Óčko | Česká televize | Samsung | Panasonic | iDNES | Český Rozhlas | Microsoft | Rajče | TV Barrandov | Impuls | Rockzone | KPS media | Halla | TV Retro | Hope TV | iHNed.cz | denik.cz | parlamentnilisty.cz | město Plzeň | Praha 10 | Praha 6 | Pardubice | Karlovy Vary | Beroun | Poděbrady | Uherské Hradiště

Smartphone – development

Smartphone applications

Mediawork provides development for all contemporary platforms. During its existence, we have developed many native applications, which are among the most downloaded on the Czech market. We have extensive experience with ”thin” HTML5 applications or development in the AIR for a single platform. Smartphones and Tablet phenomenon is currently conquering the consumer electronics market and with its arrival we can talk of so-called ”postPC” era. Smartphones currently account for 80% of all mobile devices sold.

Applications for Corporations

We have also experience with the development of applications for corporations, where specific requirements are placed, primarily on security and speed of delivery.

Smart TV - we are market leaders!

Application development for smart TV – SAMSUNG, PANASONIC

Modern TV’s are becoming smart by connecting to the Internet. The application already known from Smartphones can now also be run on the TV´s just by using the TV remote control. Mediawork became a leader of the Czech market for Samsung TV applications. The ”iDNES”, ”Rajče”, ”Óčko”, ”KRB”applications are currently installed on the most of offered Smart TV models.We have also developed our own advertising module that allows content holders to monetize their ownership.

Aplikace Očko Aplikace iDNES Aplikace Rajče Aplikace KRB


Our own development + innovation = added value

The Mediawork group company was established in 2008, and since the beginning focuses on comprehensive solutions in the field of technological development and innovation while working with multimedia on the Internet. We specialize in the software development and streaming (live broadcast) for any type of terminal devices (PC, Smartphone, Tablet, SmartTV), including archiving videos by using our own CDN infrastructure.

Náhled YouTube videa


Mediawork has suggested a solution that allows for video conferencing, which are compatible with SIP or H.323 protocol, to deploy our service ConferenceCast that the lowest level of captures and redirects the probající video streaming platform Mediawork. Video files are stored in the highest quality (HD) and made available immediately after the call. A live conference streaming is also available for other devices: WEB (PC), phones (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone), Tablets (iPad, …) or Smart TV.

Our video player is capable of displaying both live video and video on demand. Hardware acceleration can play in HD quality. Thanks ”flash” development environment we can run an advertisement before and after playing each video, or place it directly into an image, show subtitles or other graphics.


Publicstream® system meets the practical wording of the Law on Free Access to Information 106/1999 Coll, which directs cities to provide information, especially under § 8 (recipients of public funds). PUBLICSTREAM® is also possible to be enriched by module protecting sensitive data. This module is the only one in the Czech Republic, which allows to overlay the image or sound sensitive data so as to comply with the Act No. 101/2000 Coll., On the protection of personal data.

PUBLICSTREAM® - an automatic live video broadcasts and indexed archives of meetings dedicated to the councils of municipalities and counties. The product allows citizens of cities to watch from home or work negotiations of their own representatives as if they were sitting directly at the meeting and transparently control their actions.

STREAMBOX is mobile technology (software and hardware) designed to easily acquisition of live streaming with subsequent indexed archive for web pages. Because of its design it dominates a normal PC user and the Internet without knowledge of video technology. Client controls STREAMBOX with integrated computer by using Web administration system.


MyHospital – application for hospitals